SwissRay ddR ModulAire

Used SwissRay DDR ModulAire radiography system in excellent working and general condition. This product does not include the table. De-installed and ready to ship.

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The SwissRay ddR Modulaire is a space efficient, multifunctional, direct digital Radiography ddR-system designed to accommodate the most demanding requirements of modern radiography departments. With a Minimum Time Between Exposure (MTBE) of 2 seconds and Exposure to Diagnostic Image (EDI) in 5 seconds, workflow and patient throughput increases tremendously. The C-arm design with its centered tube/detector device allows the most convenient, fast and precise patient positioning. The dOdHD-16™ has both clinically proven reliability and outstanding image quality while requiring low radiation dose.

Application: SPO2, NIBP and ECG
Date of manufacturing: 2008