Dash 3000 Monitor

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GE Dash Vital Signs Monitors offer a high-performance, mobile monitoring solution that provides life-critical patient data no matter where you are. Extremely easy-to-use, Dash Monitors are versatile enough to implement throughout your enterprise. Lightweight, durable, and ergonomic, Dash Monitors can be used wherever you need a reliable patient monitor. 


The Dash 3000 Pro monitor offers the most complete selection of gold-standard data acquisition and analysis solutions, such as Marquette ECG, Dinamap NIBP, Nellcor and Masimo SET pulse oximetry. The unit features an 8.4" color TFT display 


The GE Dash 3000 Monitor features: 


▪ Color Display 

▪ 3-or 5-Lead ECG 

▪ Lethal Arythmia(V-Tach,V-Fib and Asystole) 

▪ Resp 

▪ Nellcor Sp02 

▪ Dinamap NIBP 

▪ Temp(1) 

▪ Recorder/Printer 

▪ Battery(1)