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Vaccine & Cold Chain Solutions

ANDA Medical is the leading Canadian distributor for B Medical Systems. B Medical Systems offers comprehensive cold chain solutions for vaccine transport and refrigeration, including ultra-low freezers, vaccine transport boxes, and laboratory refrigerators. We offer a variety of capacity and material options that fit your exact needs in addition to temperature control devices. Our specialization in temperature equipment can provide the crucial reassurance you need for product quality during transport and storage. Contact us today for more information.

Refrigerators, Freezers & Vaccine Transport

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Ultra-Low Vaccine Freezers

  • Adjustable set point from -86°C to -20°C

  • Uniform and stable temperature distribution

  • Fast temperature recovery after door opening

  • Extended holdover time in case of power failure and optional CO2 backup

  • Touchscreen with temperature display easily accessible in the bar

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Vaccine Transport Boxes

  • High shock resistance

  • Prolonged cold life for lengthy temperature-control transports

  • Eco-friendly insulation for optimum protection against temperature excursions

  • Certifications for all transportation means

  • Easy cleaning with conventional disinfectants

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Integrated electronics, alarms and remote monitoring systems ensure the best vaccines safety 24/7.


Robust, rust-free and innovative designs and technologies ensure a long product life even in harsh environments.

Lowest TCO

Lowest total costs of ownership linked to the maintenance, temperature monitoring and energy consumption of every unit throughout its lifetime.

ANDA Medical is part of the Pacific Surgical group of companies.